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Signposting is now a hot topic with the CCG and they are actively encouraging practices to signpost wherever possible. Signposting does not always mean sending patients to services outside of the practice but rather you are signposting when you are offering appointments with the ANP’s, nurse, HCA and referring to the in house pharmacist.

We are below our target because you are signposting within the practice but are not completing the template on S1.

A further 6 services have now been added on the S1 template for signposting and all staff in particular reception staff should proactively signpost to these services.

Template guidance on CCG Intranet.

It is important that all reception staff encourage signposting when they feel it is appropriate to do so. I can arrange training on how this should be done correctly without sounding obstructive to the patient. Many times it is a matter of the right choice of words used in explaining why you are signposting. Patients can be reassured or discouraged by what you say and how you say it.

* if a patient rejects the signposting – on the template put a tick on the second page for rejection – click on the pencil and this opens a box for text. In the box write a note for the clinician to notify them that signposting was offered and rejected.

Clinicians who feel that the matter could have appropriately dealt with by other services MUST raise this with the patient.

If a patient accepts a signposted service, then it would be good practice to follow it up with a text message reiterating details of the service offered.

The new services now included on the template are:

This is a short and intensive service, usually delivered in the home, which is offered to people with disabilities and those who are frail or recovering from an illness or injury.

This service works in partnership with the health and social care.

Referral is by means of self referral.

Service for over 18’s only.

Service led by Change Grow Live and delivered by CHART Kirklees.

Based at Station Street, Huddersfield (01484 353333) and Wellington Street, Dewsbury (01924 438383).

For over 18’s

Must live in Kirklees

Range of services which include:

  • Treatment, recovery and support
  • Support for the wider family
  • Full assessment of needs
  • 1-2-1 key workers
  • In depth counselling
  • Group recovery programmes
  • Free Naloxone Kits (to reverse opiode overdose)
  • Train family members to administer Naloxone
  • Needle exchange
  • Blood borne virus screening
  • Alcohol misuse course
  • Detox options
  • Referral to specialist services

Offer services to help quit smoking over 12 weeks.

They can train anyone in the practice to provide the service in house.

Patients can access the service via

Many of you are already signposting to the pharmacy. The CCG have held a training session with pharmacists in the area advising them of what services they can and must provide within their core contracts.

If you feel that a patient has been signposted to the pharmacy and then sent back to the practice please make a note and I can look into whether indeed the correct procedure was followed.

We can refer or patients can self refer – 030 3330 9981

Services provided:

  • Contraception – all methods including coil and implants
  • Emergency contraception
  • Sexual health testing
  • Results and partner notification management
  • Complex STI care
  • Support for victims of sexual assaults

There is no legal cover for doctors to carry out dental work. Any patients with toothache etc must be signposted to a dentist.

If there is swelling / infections of the mouth or if the patient is struggling to swallow then can be seen by a doctor.

Simple Teething          =          Pharmacy

Simple Mouth Ulcer    =          Pharmacy

Toothache                   =          Dentist

Gums                           =          Dentist

Infections                    =          Dentist

Bleeding from Gums   =          Dentist

Wisdom Teeth             =          Dentist

Swallowing                  =          A&E / Doctor

Mouth Infections         =          A&E  / Doctor